Public Involvement Record
- Training sessions 'open-to-public'

- Training session with limited attendance, targeted to specific
groups (scheduled upon their request)

- Public interaction and education

General outdoor display setup:   
We set up a table with a canopy, hang one banner and place another
self-supporting banner nearby.  Table includes tri-fold brochures
explaining geocaching, examples of geocache containers, trinkets
and logbook.  We load our GPS receivers with waypoints that refer
to places around the setup area where we have placed temporary
geocaches for them to find.  The geocaches are usually filled with
kid trinkets and each kid can take one.

General activity:
As interested people engage us, we explain the hobby, GPS receiver
useage, how to log experiences on the internet and other equipment
used.  If they are interested in a hand-on demo, we put a GPS
receiver in their hands that contains pre-loaded waypoints and we
guide them to the temporary geocaches hidden around the area.

Reoccurring class and event descriptions:

'The Complete GPS Course'
Attendees will learn how to choose a GPS, what features are
available, and what can be done with these units.
Held at: Queeny County Park - Greensfelder Recreation Complex.

'Geocaching 101'
Attendees will learn how to create an account on,
locate a cache, and then log the find. There will be an indoor
presentation and a Q&A session. Then outdoors for some geocaching
with experienced geocachers.
Held at: Queeny County Park - Greensfelder Recreation Complex.

'WOW Event'  (sponsored by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation)
Throughout the day, show 3 groups of families the basics of
caching along with locating different caches hidden nearby.
Held at: Forest Park, St. Louis, Mo. 

'Busch Outdoor Adventures Expo'
This event is at the shooting range at Busch Wildlife Area. We set
up several temporary caches, and show interested visitors basic
GPS use, and what Geocaching is all about.
Held at:  Busch Wildlife Area, Weldon Springs, Mo.

'CITO' (Cache-In, Trash Out)
These are litter pick-up events coordinates with land managers, usually
scheduled around the annual Earth Day.  We select a park that has
a lot of trash and recruit SLAGA members to help pick it up.



05/19/12 - Geocaching booth at Children's Hospital Brain Tumor Support resource fair
04/05/12 - 'Geocaching 101'


11/12/11 - Geocaching class at MOAHPERD Convention
10/29/11 - 'Geocaching 101'
09/24/11 - Boy Scout 'Fall Fun Rally' at Beaumont Reservation
09/17/11 - 'The Complete GPS Course'
09/03/11 - Klondike Park 'Family Camping Expo'
08/01/11 to 08/05/11 - Geocaching classes at 'Kids on Campus - Meramec'
06/04/11 - 'National Trails Day' at the World Bird Sanctuary
05/21/11 - 'Operation Clean Stream Phase II,' O'Fallon, MO
05/14/11 - Washington State Park 'Get Out and Play!' Event
04/23/11 - 'Geocaching 101'

10/16/10 - '123 Green!' Event at St. Louis Community College
10/09/10 - 'Geocaching 101'
10/02/10 - St. Francois State Park 'Family Play Day'
09/18/10 - 'The Complete GPS Course'
08/02/10 to 08/06/10 - Geocaching classes at 'Kids on Campus - Meramec'
07/24/10 - 'Busch Outdoor Adventures Expo'
07/16/10 - Geocaching information table at Teachers' Resource Fair at Forest Park
06/04/10 to 06/06/10 - 'ScoutQuest 100'
05/08/10 - Washington State Park 'Get Out and Play!' Event
04/25/10 - 'Flamingo CITO' in Mastodon State Park, Imperial, Mo.
04/24/10- 'Geocaching 101'
03/20/10 - 'The Complete GPS Course'

10/03/09 - 'Geocaching 101'
09/19/09 - 'St. Francois Family Play Day'
09/13/09 - 'Park Palooza'
09/12/09 - 'The Complete GPS Course'
09/12/09 - 'Park Palooza'
08/03/09 - Geocaching information table at The North Face store (West Co. Shopping Ctr.)
08/2009  - Geocaching display at Tesson Branch Library during the month of August
07/25/09 - 'Busch Outdoor Adventures Expo'
06/20/09 - Geocaching class for St. Louis County Parks Summer Program
04/11/09 - 'CITO' in Busch Wildlife Area, St. Charles, Mo.
04/04/09 - 'Geocaching 101'
03/14/09 - 'The Complete GPS Course'

09/27/08 - 1st annual ParkPalooza - NPS Arch Grounds, St. Louis, Mo.
07/26/08 - 'Busch Outdoor Adventures Expo'
06/07/08 - 'WOW Event'
05/31/08 - 'Geocaching 101' (Special class for horse-riders only)
04/21/08 - 'Geocaching 101'
04/20/08 - 'CITO' in WhiteCliff Park, Crestwood, Mo.
03/29/08 - 'The Complete GPS Course'
02/02/08 - Eureka, Mo. - Greensfelder County Park. Permanent
geocaching exhibit mounted.

11/11/07 - 'CITO' in Emmenegger Park, Kirkwood, Mo.
10/13/07 - 'Geocaching 101'
10/06/07 - Crestwood, Mo. - Indoor class on GPS receivers and
geocaching for residents.
09/15/07 - 'The Complete GPS Course'
07/28/07 - 'Busch Outdoor Adventures Expo'
06/09/07 - 'WOW Event'
05/05/07 - 'Geocaching 101'
04/14/07 - 'The Complete GPS Course'
03/22/07 - Missouri Park Ranger Conference   

10/21/06 - 'The Complete GPS Course'   
10/14/06 - 'Geocaching 101'
10/07/06 - Sunset Hills, Mo. - Thomas Jefferson School. Indoor class,
then Laumeier County Park for hands-on.
10/07/06 - Eureka, Mo. - Beaumont Scout Reservation. Set up a GPS and Geocachiing
demonstration for new and existing Boy Scouts. This would
include a display table where the boy’s can learn about GPS’s and Geocaching.
10/07/06 - Crestwood, Mo. - Indoor class on GPS receivers and
geocaching for residents.                
09/16/06 - 'The Complete GPS Course'   
07/29/06 - 'Busch Outdoor Adventures Expo'
06/17/06 - Fenton, Mo. - Jay Henges Range & Outdooe Skills Programs. GPS receiver and
geocaching class for Missouri Dept. of Conservation.   
06/03/06 - Eureka, Mo. - Tiger Days. Beaumont Scout Reservation.
05/20/06 - 'The Complete GPS Course'   
05/17/06 - (MDC-Powder Valley)  GPS receiver training for Smallmouth Bass organization.   
05/06/06 - 'Geocaching 101'
04/23/06 - 'CITO' in Deer Creek Park and Ivory Crocket, Webster Groves, Mo.
04/22/06 - 'CITO' in Sherman Beach County Park, Sherman Beach, Mo.

03/22/05 - St. Louis Community College (Kirkwood) Missouri Park & Recreation Expo
11/19/05 - Crestwood, Mo. - Indoor class on GPS receivers and
geocaching for residents.
09/05/05 - Cahokia, IL-IL Park & Recreation Expo                             
04/03/05 - GPS / Geocaching at Tyson Research Center

11/06/04 - Crestwood, Mo. - Indoor class on GPS receivers and
geocaching for residents.
11/05/04 - O'Fallon, IL-Southern IL  Park & Recreation Expo             
06/05/04 - Augusta, Mo. - Klondike Park for National Trails Day. Set up table
with literature.  Provide hands-on demonstrations.
04/04/04 - Columbia, MO-Missouri Park & Recreation Expo