Mission Statement

The St. Louis Area Geocachers Association exists to promote and improve the family-oriented activity of geocaching.  It serves as a resource for those interested in the activity, through educational means such as leading classes and workshops, while encouraging responsible stewardship of public lands in cooperation with land managers.


SLAGA stands for the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association. The purpose of SLAGA is to enhance the geocaching experience for people in the St. Louis area. This is done through the organization through membership training and training of the general public, group cache hunts, picnics.

Over time, SLAGA has become the driving force behind maintaining a positive relationship between the group and land managers who are responsible for city, county and state parks in Missouri and Illinois. SLAGA is often asked to help educate children and adults on the use of GPS receivers and how to increase their enjoyment of the hobby of geocaching.

SLAGA was loosely formed in 2001 by a group of geocachers in the St. Louis area. Every year officers are elected to help direct the purpose of SLAGA and facilitate the calendar of events. In 2007, SLAGA obtained its 501(c)(7) recreational organizations non-profit status.

Membership to SLAGA is free. However, to help the group pay for administrative and training expenses, event supplies and web hosting fees - donations are welcome. We also have a once-per-year payment plan called 'Premium Dues', which is a nominal fee to help defray organization expenses. There are perks to becoming a Premium Member.

This web site is a central point of information regarding upcoming SLAGA events. You can get access to multi-media files (audio, still images, videos) that document past events in the Caching adventures area. This is where you find out about the activities and milestone of our members, as well as sign up to become a member. We present general news stories, useful information and internet links related to the geocaching.

Here is a list of puplic service activities the SLAGA organization has participated in over the years to promote geocaching and educate the public.

For a complete history of SLAGA, view the article online at SLAGA History