By applying for membership in SLAGA (St. Louis Area Geocachers Association), members agree to hold the association, its officers, directors, agents, trustees, members and/or employees harmless for all acts or failures to act while carrying out the purpose of the association and the foundation as set forth in its respective bylaws, and certify that they will abide by the association’s ByLaws. Be it known that SLAGA is not associated with Groundspeak or Geocaching.com. Payment of dues to SLAGA in no way constitutes payment of fees or dues nor insinuates membership of Groundspeak or Geocaching.com.


Any individual who agrees to register a current and active email address with the Organization, and agrees to abide by the bylaws and rules of the Organization. Some restrictions apply to minors under the age of 18.

Membership Types

  • An Individual Membership refers to one, individual person who fits the eligibility requirements and is 18 years of age, or older. Use the 'Upgrade your Membership' link from the home page or just register on the site if you haven't already.
  • A Household Membership refers to two or more individuals living within the same household who want to be members of the Organization, and of which one must be 18 years of age, or older. Each individual must have an account on the SLAGA website. Add each individual through the registration link from the login on the home page.
  • All users who register are given a free one month trial membership that allows you to have access to the entire site. You may upgrade at any time.


  • Standard Membership (Free)
  • Premium Annual Membership (dues - Individual: $15; Family: $20)
  • Premium Lifetime Membership (Indiviual: $150; Family: $200)

Dues (Premium Memberships Only)

In order to help defray costs such as web hosting fees, equipment rental, training material and printing costs, SLAGA has created a membership category called 'Premium'. By paying dues, you not only help sustain SLAGA, but qualify for special benefits.

  • Annual dues will be assessed at a monetary rate determined by the Board of Directors and are due on the anniversary of your registration on the site. You will receive reminders when you get close to the expiration date. You may renew at any time within 6 months of your expiration.
  • Dues are not pro-rated and are not refundable.
  • Dues must be paid in full (no partial payments accepted).
  • Money received from an member in an amount greater than the required annual dues will not be applied to dues for subsequent years. Any excess will be considered a free-will donation.
  • Changes in the amount of the dues will be communicated to all existing members (via email) and the general public (via the public web site), 30-days prior to the time the change is implemented.


Benefits provided are determined at the discretion of the Board of Directors and only apply to members in 'good standing'. Changes to benefits will be communicated at least 30 days prior to the time the change is implemented, if possible. Benefits to members of a Household Premium Membership who are under the age of 18 are not allowed if prohibited by law.

Benefit Notes Standard Membership
Premium Membership
(Pay annual dues - Individual: $15; Household: $20)
Notification by email of SLAGA activities   X X
Vote in 'general membership' elections. *1,*2 X X
Eligible for prize drawing *3   X
Milestone awards - pins for 100/500 finds at geocaching.com     X
Milestone awards - coins & pins for 1000/5000 finds at geocaching.com     X
Discount on SLAGA merchandise purchased at events     X
SLAGA geocoin pre-sale opportunities     X

*1 - Must live in SLAGA Territory

*2 - Must be >=18 years of age

*3 - SLAGA will have 2 drawings during the year; one at the spring picnic and one at the fall picnic. 3 prizes will be given away at each picnic. Prize items will be selected based on the amount of dues collected during the year. Qualified members need not be present to win. Winners will be notified by e-mail if not present. Limit one prize per year per membership type. Each individual in a Household membership is allowed one chance to win, but they must be registered on the SLAGA website to qualify.