The Eagles Are Landing at Happy Hour


13 April 2023, 16:30 - 18:30

Our good friends eagles_landing are planning to be in town for a bit, so it’s a good reason to gather for some geo-visiting. No doubt they’ll have some tales of caching in the southwest, where the weather has been just as wacky as here.

Our meeting place is a brewery operated by some friendly folks who used to do some caching and some MOGA-ing. There are no reserved tables, but they have plenty of space. Whoever gets there first, sit wherever you'd like.

As always, there’s no cost to attend this event.

Don't let the happy hour or brewery thing fool you. This is a very family friendly place so you can feel comfortable bringing your kids if you'd like.

Location information

Third Wheel Brewing

4008 I-70 North Outer Rd
St. Peters
MO 63376