Please Mother Nature 2.0


29 September 2022, 16:30 - 18:30


I’m going to try one last time this year for an outdoor happy hour. Please Mother Nature be kind to us this time! I’m really going to try to stay outdoors even if the weather isn’t perfect.

IF THERE’S A THREAT OF SEVERE WEATHER OR REALLY TERRIBLE WEATHER, CHECK THE LOGS BELOW TO SEE IF WE NEED TO ESCAPE TO AN INDOOR SPACE. I’m not allowed to adequately change the coordinates at the top of the page, so I’ll put them in an announcement if necessary.

This is a meet and greet at the lovely Lakeside 370 in St. Peters.  The posted coordinates are near the “marina”, which is what we call the  floating dock.  It’s a great place to hang out. The dock  has a roof over half of it. There are tall tables and chairs under cover and picnic tables on the uncovered half. There is plenty of space to spread out.

The marina cannot be reserved. It’s hardly ever crowded, but just in case  we can hang around nearby, or walk a short distance to the VERY large pavilion. The pavilion is rarely crowded  at this time of the day.

You CAN bring food or drinks of any variety, just NO GLASS. As always, there’s no cost to attend this event.

Floating dock

Location information

Lakeside Park Trail, St Peters

Lakeside Park Trail
St. Peters
Missouri 63376
United States