Leap Day Lunch


29 February 2024, 11:30 - 13:00


Leap year is back! It's time once again to find a cache or attend an event on that special day that comes only once every four years! It sounds like a great reason to gather with some caching friends to visit, share stories, swap travel bugs and enjoy lunch together. Lunch is optional. It costs nothing to attend this event. If you wish, you may purchase food and beverages or you may choose to just hang out with the group for a while.

Please log your "will attend" if you are planning to come as the management has asked for an approximate number of attendees so they know where to seat us.

Where:  Fallon's Bar and Grill,  116 Olive (just west of the innerbelt)

Time:  11:30- 1:00 

Think Irish

Location information

Fallon's Bar and Grill

9200 Olive Blvd Apt 116