Happy Tooth Fairy day - PEnguin Event


28 February 2023, 17:30 - 18:30

Happy National Tooth Fairy day!

Somehow in medieval Europe there began a tradition of burning baby teeth. Superstition held that if one did not burn baby teeth, the person would spend all of the afterlife searching for the teeth. No idea why... Eventually in the US there came a tradition of a fairy that broke into your house late at night and paid you for your old baby teeth. Welcome the Tooth Fairy... Surprisingly the tooth fairy wasn't invented until 1908 and wasn't popularized into the character we know today until the 1920s
Despite the strange origins, I bet we all remember putting out our baby teeth and waiting for the reward.

Anyone is welcome to attend! Events are a great way to meet fellow geocachers, learn about geocaching, and get involved in the geocaching community.

Event Caches last at least 30 minutes and are open to anyone. We will post the event for 1 hour, We will probably be there early and stay a bit later if things go as usual. (Bragging rights to whoever gets there first.)

 Plan to share stories and photos of any caches you may have found lately. Found a new favorite? Gone on any trips? Anything planned for the future? Need a hint of a pesky puzzle?  

There is plenty of parking near the area

--------As always here is a brief disclaimer----------


If you are sick/show symptoms/ have a medical issue or are considered at risk, please be smart and stay safe .
We all want to get out and have our old lives back but everyone needs to be careful and be safe.


There is no cost to attend this event ?????

Hot Hot hot


Location information

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill -- St. Charles

1636 Country Club Plaza Dr.
St. Charles
MO 63303