Happy St. Nicholas day - a PEnguin Event


06 December 2022, 17:30 - 18:30

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

In the 3rd century St. Nicholas was known for his generosity and kindness. After his death, the nuns would continue his ideals and give out sweets and gifts on the anniversary of his death .He came to be depicted riding on a horse and giving presents to good children. The tradition began that kids would put out shoes or stockings to get the gifts and would leave out carrots for St. Nick's horse. Sound familiar? Well eventually he became the basis for Santa( minus the magic and flying critters, of course. ) While Christmas and santa eventually stole the spotlight, many in Europe and elsewhere still celebrate St. Nicholas Day.


Join us as we gather and share some stories, and maybe brews or a game too. Share stories and photos of your favorite/latest caching adventure. Any horror stories? Tell sad tales of your most despised DNF. Maybe even trade hints on some puzzles and caches you just can't figure out. Bring some trackables to trade/discover.

And of course, fill in a calendar day, help with a streak or just earn a smiley.  

Food and drinks available

This place is NON SMOKING.

 Plan to meet at for the official event time of 530pm- 630pm. Events require 30 minutes, but we usually stay at least an hour and longer.( I usually will show up early to grab a table)

Please sign up, let us know how many to expect.

If you are sick/show symptoms/ have a medical issue or are considered at risk, please be smart and stay safe .
We all want to get out and have our old lives back but everyone needs to be careful and be safe.

There is no cost to attend this event

As always keep an eye out for penguins


Location information

Buffalo Wild Wings - St. Charles

1465 Bass Pro Drive
St. Charles
MO 63301