Geocaching International Film Festival SLAGA Style


12 November 2021, 18:00 - 20:30


It's been two years since we were last able to hold the Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) SLAGA Style event, but we are back and ready to roll--as in, roll the reel and show the films Geocaching style!  Once again, we have secured the use of the Parkway Central Middle School Theater for our showing of the films.  As always, we will probably have a pre-show of special clips and other noteworthy videos that are not part of the actual video release from headquarters.

Please park in the school parking lot and enter through the main school doors.

Social hour will start at 6:00 pm in the main Atrium of the school.  You cannot miss the Atrium--it's the big wide open area on the other side of the main school doors.  Bring your own dinner and something to drink as the school will have limited food options available.  There may be a vending machine or two open and working at that time, but no hot food.  Sorry, fearlessknits (who works in the cafeteria here) will be off duty by the time the event starts!   There are a variety of restaurants and other food options nearby--mainly just north of the school on Olive Blvd. .  

We will move to the Theater at 7:00 pm to view the videos and enjoy the show so no worries if you cannot make it there by 6:00 pm sharp. 

Come enjoy the show and vote for your favorite film entry!  See you there!

Go in the school doors and look for signs or helpful people.

Location information

Parkway Central Middle School

471 North Woods Mill Road
Town and Country
Missouri 63017