??? - a Penguin Event

06/30/2022 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Frontier Park north End


30 June 2022, 17:00 - 17:30


The world is facing the most challenging era of our lives. We are all working to get through this unique time in our history. But it is time to return to some of the normal routine.

An outdoor event in July you ask... Yup. Will it be hot you ask... Yup. Am I crazy you ask... Maybe.
As far as the title? I had been using the same titles at first. Such as ' A Penguin event' or ' Penguin Happy hour'. Since then I decided to do an alphabetical series for the names. Most were easy, others were a little tougher. With the last event the A-Z series was completed. Should I start the series over? Should I find a new gimmick? Should I just go back to the same old names? Guess we will all find out by the next event. (Til then maybe this title will help some with a challenge)

We will be meeting for at least the required 30 minutes. Plan to share stories and photos of any caches you may have found lately. Found a new favorite? Gone on any trips? Anything planned for the future? Need a hint of a pesky puzzle?  We will probably be there early and stay a bit later if things go as usual.But with the temperature we likely will be there shorter than normal. (Bragging rights to whoever gets there first.)

After the event anyone is welcome to walk around the park and explore the area as they please. 

There is plenty of parking near the area ( street parking and lots and a garage).

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--------As always here is a brief disclaimer----------

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If you are sick/show symptoms/ have a medical issue or are considered at risk, please be smart and stay safe .
 It will be hot , there may be a heat advisory. Bring water.
We all want to get out and have our old lives back but everyone needs to be careful and be safe.

There is no cost to attend this event

Location information

Frontier Park north End

st. charles 63301