SLAGA, in conjunction with, has designed a Pathtag "Give Back." What is a "Give Back", you ask? When you design and order a Pathtag Starter Kit or Refill, you are given the opportunity to choose one of the available custom backs instead of the standard back design. A "Give Back" is a back design created by, usually, a geocaching organization. They cost an additional 10 cents per tag BUT  that additional 10 cents per tag goes directly  to the organization sponsored by the "Give Back" design. So a Starter Kit of 50 Pathtags using the SLAGA "Give Back" will give $5.00 to SLAGA, and a Refill of a tag you've previously had made will net SLAGA $10.00!! So, without further ado, I present the SLAGA Give Back: 



Visit for more information on pathtags and ordering the SLAGA "Give Back."