Looks like Dave and the gang at Geocaching Podcast are reworking their website.  Hopefully we can relink to this podcast in the future.

The Geocaching Podcast is a weekly audio show recorded live on Tuesday nights at 9:30 PM EST. They talk about all the latest news tips and tricks that have to do with geocaching.

On this episode, in honor of geocaching.com's 10-year anniversary, they chat with Jeremy Irish (locuslingua) the creator of geocaching.com and Jon Stanley (Moun10Bike), an early geocacher, about the beginnings of geocaching.com, how the site came about, and what it was like back in the day when geocaching began. Listen as the two think back about those early years, share stories about the first trackables and coins. They also talk about what the future holds for geocaching.com. The podcast is lengthy, so go to 15:24 for the start of the interview:

Geocaching Podcast