The National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick magazine want to encourage families to spend more time having fun in the great outdoors.

Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails are a great new way to inspire curiosity and learning about the natural world, while providing the satisfaction of seeking and finding hidden “treasure.” The program is designed to be fun for first-time or experienced geocachers.

Geocache trails allow land managers to provide a well-rounded experience for the geocacher. Hosting a Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trail can help attract new audiences, connect people with nature, offer a new kind of adventure at your facility, and show off your property!

  • Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails contain either 3, 5, or 8 geocaches to be hidden around your property, for geocachers to find.
  • Each geocache on your trail will have its own web page on
  • Before setting out for their adventure, kids and parents will download your trail's coordinates to a GPS unit or smartphone from There they will also download a Ranger Rick’s passport. When geocachers find one of your caches, they will sign Ranger Rick’s log book, found inside. Each geocache also features a Ranger Rick mystery. Cachers are asked to solve the mystery by stamping their passport. Additional “More to Explore” activities are included in each cache, as well as opportunities for trading.
  • Geocachers can fill their passports by finding all of the geocaches along your trail.
  • At the end of the adventure, kids and parents will log on to, post their finds, and share their experiences. Answers to the mysteries can be found online at

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