The Conservation Area selected as the site for your Special Event is shared by many different groups. A Special Use Permit is not an exclusive reservation. Other concurrent uses may be occurring on the area. Mutual respect is crucial. Please be considerate. Before leaving the Area please examine the site to assure that: (1) human and animal sanitation issues have been properly addressed, and (2) all trash and litter have been removed. Since the Conservation Area belongs to all citizens, please return the site to pre-event condition prior to leaving.

  1. Special Use Permits are required for more than ten (10) people for camping, horseback riding, bicycling, and use of shooting ranges. Other group or special activities may require a Special Use Permit at the discretion of the area manager.
  2. This permit is non-transferable.
  3. Permittee is responsible for sharing the terms of this Special Use Permit with all participants of the permitted activity, and accepts responsibility for monitoring compliance with this permit.
  4. Violation of any of the permit conditions is cause for denial of future permits.
  5. If weather or other conditions and circumstances warrant, the Department reserves the right to modify or cancel the permit.
  6. After contacting emergency services, promptly notify the area manager or the designated representative of any serious accident, death, or damage that occurs on Department property.
  7. The Department’s property may be used only for the purposes designated in this permit. Care shall be taken to avoid damage to the conservation area. No one participating in or observing an activity may cut any vegetation, open any gates, cut or damage any cables or fences, start any fire in a non-designated area, post any signs, or construct any structure without the written permission of the Area Manager. The permittee shall be held personally responsible for any costs the Department incurs repairing or replacing infrastructure and grass, food plots, or other vegetation.
  8. Permittee may be required to provide portable toilets or other means for disposal of human waste approved by the area manager.
  9. Vehicle use is restricted to graveled and paved roads and established parking areas, unless otherwise posted. Emergency vehicles or other specific vehicles may be authorized special access by a Department representative.
  10. Permittee agrees that the Department of Conservation, its employees and agents shall not be held liable for any claim whatsoever for damage to equipment, property or injury to persons which arise out of or in connection with any activity conducted or undertaken pursuant to this Permit.