Caches sorted by favorite points as of September 7, 2013. These are caches placed in 2012, in "SLAGA territory", defined as within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch (1,967 active caches).

Caches placed in 2012
Best Traditional Cache: The Pullet Surprise, GC3JQPK, steve.n.erin
Best Multicache: Pirate's Revenge - Walk the Plank!, GC3Y2RJ, RiverExplorer and Cap'n Elias T. Blackjack
Best Challenge Cache: 100/100 Challenge, GC30KZ9, Woolenstgeos
Best Earthcache (tie): Nova Scotia, GC3E1YZ, Hightechhillbilly
Best Earthcache (tie): Subduing a Silt-Ridden Serpent: GC3Y30C, Unitzoid
Best Puzzle Cache: Mysterious Treasure, GC3BQJZ, L Frank and Denmother
Best Wherigo: WHERmIzombieGo, GC3RWQM, Elonka
Best Letterbox Hybrid: Little Dixie's Stegosaurus, GC3AKNR, BUZZ & ROAD KILL!