by Elonka

Best of SLAGASince the SLAGA "Best of" awards were discontinued in 2008 (and were related to caches placed in 2007), I was curious as to which caches might have won in later years. The old voting method didn't seem to work so well anymore since there were so many new caches being placed, that the SLAGA members at the time couldn't even visit enough of them to make a reasoned choice!

We do, however, have a new method of rating caches, with the Favorite points. Out of curiosity, I decided to do some Pocket Queries to learn which caches might be considered "Best of SLAGA", based on the number of favorite points that they've received since they were placed. With the understanding that these numbers are fluid and caches are moving up and down the list all the time, I decided to combine a few caches as "ties". The results as of November 2012 are as follows:

Caches placed in 2008
Best Traditional Cache: "Rockin' on Route 66", GC1G43E
Best Multi-Cache: "Flags of Our Fathers", GC1A14J
Best Earthcache: "Cahokia Mounds, a World Heritage Site", GC1FXND
Best Puzzle Cache: "Tilting Redux", GC18MGY
Best Wherigo (tie): "Tour de Grant", GC1BQ4V, and "Glendale WheriGo Cache", GC1AA0B

Caches placed in 2009
Best Traditional Cache: "SO CONFUSED", GC1NABN
Best Multicache: "A Cassily Way to Find a Cache", GC21JK7
Best Challenge Cache (tie): "Well Rounded MO Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)" GC1T965, and "SLAGA County Challenge", GCZPRB
Best Earthcache (tie): "The World's Only Inland Cape", GC1KRCT, and "Tower Rock", GC1KREF
Best Puzzle Cache: "Fried Insomniac - Eureka", GC1YX08
Best Wherigo: "The Awakening", GC1VN1A

Caches placed in 2010
Best Traditional Cache: "Turn your wheels toward church. TB Hotel", GC2EHT6
* Traditional Runner-up (almost tie): "I Spy Academy", GC24TVE
Best Multicache: "Citygarden Tour", GC2AZ7Q
Best Challenge Cache: "Alphabet Soup Challenge - Missouri Style", GC2CCVM
Best Earthcache: "Graham Cave", GC28VWC
Best Puzzle Cache: "Mr. Cotton's Parrot - MOGA Booty", GC2HJ08
Best Wherigo: "Working in the Coal Mine - MOGA Booty", GC2HJ1F

Caches placed in 2011
Best Traditional Cache (tie): "Wicked Witch of West County" (GC305X9), "Wehner Hollow", GC33Z65
Best Multicache: "64 Echoes", GC39190
Best Challenge Cache: "Missouri Top 10 Challenge", GC2P7ZQ
Best Earthcache: "Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse on Limestone", GC2PGHX
Best Puzzle Cache: "Treasure Island", GC2PBKB
Best Wherigo: "Pica's Treasure Hunt", GC2XCYF

Congrats to all!