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I am Paul Konopacki, a member of SLAGA, the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association. Caching since Aug 16, 2001, I discovered podcasting in 2004 and published the first SLAGA Geocaching Podcast on July 30, 2005.

These podcasts consist of conversations I have with geocachers and land managers - and audio captured at events of interest to geocachers. My focus is around the St. Louis, Missouri area, but I sometimes travel to other cities and states to interview cachers and attend events.

Episodes are published as mp3 files, typically in mono mode; around 30 minutes in length; under 20MB in size; bit rate of 64kbps; sample rate of 44.1k. 

The final episode (#100) of this podcast was published on July 30, 2008.
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Episode File Info Show Notes

Episode #100

July 30, 2008
43.4 MB

Join me in reminiscing about the past 99 podcasts. I talk about why I started the podcast, play clips from early episodes and talk to geocachers whose path I have crossed throughout the years.

SLAGA Podcast episode #1 Sound-seeing tour of Outdoor Expo
SLAGA Podcast episode #2 Interview with Dorkus & Co.
SLAGA Podcast episode #6 Roundtable chat with le-roy, Normv, RGS
SLAGA Podcast episode #7 Interview with Glenn Nash (*gln)
SLAGA Podcast episode #14 Interview with Barry and Dana (tumbleoak)
SLAGA Podcast episode #23 Interview with Jan (boasark) and family in Osceola, Iowa
SLAGA Podcast episode #24 Interview with sir_zman in Minneapolis, MN
SLAGA Podcast episode #32 Interview with BruceS
SLAGA Podcast episode #36 Arkansas geocaching trip (series a - i)

Episode #99

June 17, 2008
22.6 MB

Part 2 of 2
This is the formal interview with Earl and Lannis. We find out about Earl's involvement in the Cold War, how Earl and lannis met, what got them interested in caving and how to use a cave radio. Lannis takes us through her biggest painful caving experience. We hear what caving in Mexico is like. They talk about how they got into geocaching and relate a story where caving and geocaching hobbies collide.

Tom Cravens
Meramec Valley Grotto
Cave Radio
The Chalmette Monument Cache
Log about Onyx Cache (archived)

Episode #98

June 17, 2008
16.8 MB
Part 1 of 2
Discussion with Earl and Lannis Hancock. They have been geocaching for years, however exploring caves is their main priority in their retirement years. I meet Earl and Lannis ouside my front door. We drink some wine, talk about maps, gps training and exploring caves. I talk about my experiences with the Missouri Dept. of Conservation in getting caches placed on their land. Earl explains the Meramec Dam that was proposed back in late 1970s, its effect on the environment and the controversy around the proposal before president Reagan canceled the project.

During the podcast, when we mention MDC, we are referring to the Missouri Department of Conservation, which is the government body responsible for conservation areas in Missouri. When we say DNR, we are referring to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which is responsible for all the Missouri state parks.

earlannis Profile
Geocaching in Arkansas State Parks
Meramec Basin Project

Episode #97

May 10, 2008
15.3 MB
Audio from the WorldWide Flash Mob III held in Jackson, Missouri. Saturday, May 10th was the day that geocachers all over the world got together for 15 minutes for the 3rd geocaching world wide flash mob event.

We start out talking with Cribbage Witch and Hobbit Taz. I arrive at the area where the event is to take place and capture some audio from there. Once the event starts, you will hear the activities. Later, you hear discussion during lunch and during group cache hunting afterwards.

Noon Optimist Club

Episode #96

May 9, 2008
18.4 MB
Elaine and I packed up our audio, digital and video equipment and cached our way from the St. Louis area to Jackson, Missouri. We met up with Greg Franklin, aka spanky joe, and his son Carson, near where the World Wide Flash mob event is to be held tomorrow. The first part of this podcast is audio from our meeting at the park. The second part of the podcast is a formal interview with Greg.

spankyjoe Profile
Mio C310x 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
Ball Mill Resurgence
Pinecrest Azalea Garden

Episode #95

Apr 26, 2008
20.5 MB
Part 2 of 2
In this episode, we start talking about how Rich worked with the Crestwood City parks Dept. to set up a navigation course with their full cooperation. We talk about my favorite topic, encounters with police. We get philisophical about what we like about the hobby. I go through his list of most famous cache hides, then we finish up the conversation with more of their experiences at MOGA 2008.

Whitecliff Cache Course
Glass Factory
Daryl and Daryl (archived)
The Safe Cracker Cache (archived)

Episode #94

Apr 26, 2008
22.2 MB
Part 1 of 2
Rich is the one of the most well-known geocachers in the St. Louis area. He has been caching since 2001 and instrumental in developing a dialog between local land managers and geocachers. It is his leadership in the creation and implementation of gps receiver training classes and geocaching training classes at the city, county and state level that has helped elevate the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association as an educational resource. In this episode, we find out about Rich and Charlotte's early days in St. Louis and how the SLAGA organization got started.

RGS Profile
Local News Cache (archived)
Geocaching display at Greensfelder Park

Episode #93

Apr 21, 2008
10 MB
Part 2 of 2
Continuation of my conversation with retired sisters gmalibby and lil sis joe. Libby talks about her fainting spell at the Busch Wildlife Outdoor Expo. The formal interview ends quickly, but then we look through some of the pictures they have taken during their cache hunts, where we hear more stories.

Episode #92

Apr 21, 2008
18.0 MB
Part 1 of 2
Sisters Libby and Jo Anne discovered geocaching after their retirement. With only 4 cache finds, they attended their first MOGA in 2007! Caching together is a joy to them and you will be able to tell that from our conversation. In this episode, we talk about earthquakes, hiking poles, water skiing in Paris and the seminary.

gmalibby Profile
Lil Sis Jo Profile

"Guff" (Mo) Cache

Episode #91

Jan 26, 2008
19.2 MB
Audio from the 2008 SLAGA Winter Potluck event held at Jefferson Barracks County Park. Join me on a few cache hunts with SLAGA members, audio from the event itself and an interview with CinemaBoxers about geocoin design.

Disk Golf Any One?
CinemaBoxers Profile

Episode #90

Jan 15, 2008
21.8 MB

Part 2 of 2
Second part of my conversation with JohnTee.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri
New Madrid Fault and Iben Browning
Ball Mill Resurgence

Episode #89

Jan 15, 2008
20.5 MB
Part 1 of 2
John Taylor (JohnTee) from Cape Girardeau happened to be up in the St. Louis area, so after taking care of some business, he stopped over to my house to eat pizza and record a podcast. Richard Sheffold (RGS) also stopped by and participated in the discussion.

JohnTee profile
Gorilla Glue
Plastic Preforms

Episode #88

Dec 24, 2007
20.3 MB
Part 2 of 2
I conclude my conversation with Bob Parry (FrodoB) and Diane Parry (SleuthHounds), geocachers from Washington state. We talk about 'tree hangers', 'cache machines' and a 911 calls to the Seattle police.

Cache Machine
moun10bike Geocaching Pages

MOGA 2008 Promo

Jan 26, 2008
6.5 MB
At the SLAGA 2008 Potluck event, I had a chance to talk with Mike Griffin about the upcoming geocaching Mega Event called MOGA, now in its 5th year.

MOGA 2008 Web Site

Episode #87

Dec 24, 2007
14.9 MB
Part 1 of 2
I record a conversation with Bob Parry (FrodoB) and Diane Parry (SleuthHounds), geocachers from Washington state who were visiting relatives in the St. Louis area during Christmas. Bob talks about meeting his wife in Germany while stationed with the U.S. army. Diane explains their love of dogs. Bob talks about his interest in puzzle caches.

FrodoB profile
SleuthHounds profile
Washington State Geocaching Association

Episode #86

Nov 26, 2007
19.4 MB
Part 2 of 2
In this podcast episode, I conclude my conversation with Jeff Tynan, aka denali. We pick up where we left off from the last episode, talking about mountain climbing and what technology he might use during a climb. Jeff talks about how he first found out about geocaching. We reminesce about caches and cachers that we recall from the early days of the hobby. He tells about being chased by a 90 year old farmer.

*gln posted a note for Courtious River Cache

Episode #85

Nov 26, 2007
15.2 MB
Part 1 of 2
In this part, Jeff Tynan (denali) comes to my house for pizza, after a long day of endurance training at West Tyson County Park. Besides being a geocachers, Jeff is an hiker, mountain climber and airline pilot.

denali profile
Middle Palisades by GPSDave and Denali
Flashback, by Barramus
ohggrezvyx cipher cache

Episode #84

Oct 12, 2007
16.3 MB
Part 2 of 2
In this last half of the interview, Elaine and I get a guided tour of the halloween decorations in the Ianyart's and neighbor's yard.

Episode #83

Oct 12, 2007
16.1 MB
On Fri Oct 12, 2007, Elaine and I drive 160 miles from Eureka, Missouri to Sumner, Illinois. Our plan was to cache along the way and them meet up with the Cache Slash Crew around 6:30pm that evening. In the first part of this 2 episode podcast, you will hear a group interview in Gary Ianyart's backyard. We talk about halloween, geocaching and the Cache Slash Fest that will occur the weekend after our interview.

2007 Cache Slash Fest Event Cache (GC14X2C)

king-of-halloween profile
mike_anderson1492 profile
wolf pack 359 profile
STP10 & Knttrgrl profile

Episode #82

Oct 3, 2007
18.9 MB
Part 2 of 2
Conclusion of my discussion with Chuck Roberts, aka hid pro quo, who grew up in St. Charles Missouri and now lives in San Diego as an estate planning lawyer.

Episode #81

Oct 3, 2007
16.5 MB
Part 1 of 2
I talk with hid pro quo, who was raised in the St. Louis area, but spends most of his time as a lawyer in san diego, california. He is the son of John Roberts, aka Goshhawk, from St. Charles, who I interviewed in SLAGA Geocaching Podcast - Episode #9. I happened to know that Chuck was in the St. Louis area for a while, so we arranged to meet at my house in Eureka for an interview.

hid pro quo profile
OB Offshore Mystery Cache
40 on 40 for 40 bookmark list

Episode #80

Sep 29, 2007
13.4 MB
I sit down with Mike and Michelle at the 2007 SLAGA Fall Picnic. I didn't find out until after the recording that Mike and Michelle were engaged to be married!

mmeese profile
mmapgirl profile

Episode #79

Sep 29, 2007
15.9 MB
Part 2 of 2
Audio and interviews from the annual fall picnic held at Spanish Lake Park in North St. Louis County.

Episode #78

Sep 29, 2007
14.7 MB
Part 1 of 2
Audio and interviews from the annual fall picnic held at Spanish Lake Park in North St. Louis County. Elaine and I showed up early to help set up. Since I bought the new P.A. system, I had to bring it, set it up and train a few people how to use it. You will hear audio that will give you an idea of the activities that occurred during the day and miscellaneous conversations I had with those who attended.

Episode #77

Sep 29, 2007
7.8 MB
This is a conversation I had with Mary Cranor (Stranger Ranger) during the 2007 SLAGA Fall Picnic. I wanted to talk about her work with the St. Louis County Parks Dept. and its relationship with geocaching.

Stranger Ranger profile
A Window on Caching Cache

Episode #76

Sep 27, 2007
17.8 MB
I take my recording equipment over to Walt and Audry's house in a suburb of St. Louis. I set up in their kitchen and we talk about how they met and how geocaching came into their lives. At the end of the formal interview, we sit down for coffee cake and then take a quick tour out into the backyard to see the hydrangeas and hear Walt explain what is the preditor of a hawk.

A & W profile

2007 Cache Slash Fest Promo

Oct 12, 2007
4.4 MB
This is a short promo for the upcoming halloween/geocaching event to be hold in Sumner, Illinois on October 20, 2007 at the house of Gary, the KingOfHalloween. This promo gives you an idea of what to expect at the event, what has happened at previous events and is also a sneak peek at the full-length podcast episodes to be published later in 2007.

2007 Cache Slash Fest Event Cache (GC14X2C)
Cache Slash Crew Profile Page

Episode #75

Sep 21, 2007
18.3 MB
Part 2 of 2.
John and Laurie talk about how geocaching takes them to historical places and how his son doesn't quite get the draw of the hobby. I explain the history of MOGA. They tell me about their near nightmare of a trip to Springfield, Missouri for a camping and caching event.

Episode #74

Sep 21, 2007
18.4 MB
Part 1 of 2.
I chat face-to-face with John and Laurie Elfrank in my dining room. They have only been geocaching for six months, but you can feel the drive and dedication in their voices as they talk about how they embraced geocaching as a common interest that allows the two of them to spend quality time together.

L Frank Profile Page
I'm Soooo Confused Cache
Preform Soda Bottles

Episode #73

Aug 23, 2007
26.2 MB
Kevin (K-TEAM), Bernie (HappyKraut) and Paul (konopapw) go on a 10-hour caching spree to see if they could get enough cache finds for Kevin to reach his 5,000th find milestone. We were all able to log 44 caches that day.

K-TEAM Profile Page
HappyKraut Profile Page
konopapw Profile Page
The Falls of Monroe County

Episode #72

Aug 05, 2007
14.0 MB
Part 2 of 2.
We pick up where we left off talking about a prolific geocacher from Ashville North Carolina called Ozguff, who had a rainy night encounter with a ranger in a St. Louis County park a few years back. We talk about the proposal to implement a cache award program in the St. Louis area where winners would be voted on by SLAGA members. We hear about their favorite caches and how the cache rating system is different out west than in the midwest.

Episode #71

Aug 05, 2007
13.6 MB
Part 1 of 2.
Interview with lobocs and yawetag. We talk about using a Garmin Nuvi to find a cache, caching with a 5-month old child in tow and the meaning behind Team S.A.G.E.

lobocs Profile Page
yawetag Profile Page

Episode #70

Jul 21, 2007
13.4 MB

Part 2 of 2.
SLAGA SUMMER PICNIC. Back at the picnic shelter, people have arrived. We eat and play games. I get some interviews, including a guy who heard about geocaching from the KSDK cover story on geocaching that was aired on channel 5 in St. Louis on 7/15/07.

Grant's Farm
Grant's Trail

Episode #69

Jul 21, 2007
14.5 MB
Part 1 of 2.
SLAGA SUMMER PICNIC. I show up at the picnic location early, so I hunt one of the nearby caches. I help set up. I follow along as SkylerDragon gets a lesson in using his GPSr.

Whitecliff Park - City of Crestwood
Shutterfly images from showme69 marbleboy
Frog Legs cache

Episode #68

Jul 07, 2007
13.9 MB
Part 2 of 2.
Xeviel explains geocaching to the police and fairy_g takes us through the creative process in developing the 'A Very Faery Geocache Race' event in Warrensburg, Missouri. They both give us their perspective on the SLAGA group and how not to draw attention to yourself when caching.

... Find me a grave man.

Episode #67

Jul 07, 2007
14.1 MB
Part 1 of 2.
I meet the guys at an establishment in the Central West End. Xeviel talks about the benefits and pitfalls of traveling around the world on business, faery_g relates the story of his head wound on the way back from geocaching training and Flying Pan explains how discovering his love for the performing arts changed his life.

Xeviel Profile Page
faery_g Profile Page
Flying Pan Profile Page
Rainbow Family of Living Light
A Very Faery Geocache Race Shutterfly
[hdplay videoid=4 width=500]

Episode #66
Jun 28, 2007
14.2 MB
Tracy and her son Harley drove from Decatur, Illinois to my house for this podcast. It was a good excuse for them to hunt caches in my area! We talk about MOGA 2007, tribute to Jack Benny in a cache series, her Signal the Frog Tattoo (yes, it's real) and what drives her to find 1500 caches in a 6 month period. Check out their profile page to see how quickly they reached that milestone.

Profile Page
Central Illinois Geocaching Association
Illinois All County Challenge
Jack Benny shows on

Episode #65
Jun 24, 2007
13.3 MB
Out of the humid air and into my dining room for a sitdown interview with Brian and Sue Steele of the caching team, SmilingSteeles. We talk about trap shooting, chiggers, living near active train tracks and the cache in Robertsville State Park dedicated to the movie, The Princess Bride.

Profile Page
As You Wish cache
Brian and Sue at MOGA 2006
New Town Webcam Cache New Town, St. Charles

Episode #64
Jun 9, 2007
28 MB
Part 2 of 2.
Follow along with me as I roam the WOW St. Louis at Forest Park event. I pass by the nature photography and rock climbing classes; sit in on one of the geocaching 101 training classes being presented by SLAGA volunteers. I interview Liz Lyons (first image at right), who is with the Missouri Conservation Dept. and Barb Wilson (second image at right), who is with the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources.

Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources
Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Episode #63
Jun 9, 2007
21.6 MB
Part 1 of 2.
Follow along as I roam the WOW St. Louis event being held at Forest Park, near St. Louis, Missouri. Hear SLAGA volunteers setting up for the day's training classes. I interview Andrea Putnam (see image at right), who is with the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources. We talk about the 'Trail-of-the-Month' passport program, the purpose behind the WOW events and the possibility of returning the annual MOGA event to Missouri state parks.

Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources
Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Episode #62
May 15, 2007
15 MB
Part 2 of 2.
The life of a Dungeon Master and a Green Witch.

Episode #61
May 15, 2007
11.6 MB
Part 1 of 2.
Finally back in my dining room to interview two relatively new geocachers - CribbageWitch and HobbitTaz. We'll hear the story about the melted cache and inadvertant night caching.

Hobbit Taz

Episode #60
Apr 28, 2007
12.3 MB
Dwayne and I interview some new and experienced cachers who attended the SLAGA spring picnic.

Cartoboy123 and carlawarla
Two Feds
HappyKraut and RGS
Pika Wants Cake

Episode #59
Mar 24, 2007
18.7 MB
This is podcast 3 of 3 from the MOGA 2007 event held at Mark Twain Lake, Missouri, outside of Monroe City and about a 2 1/2 hour drive from St. Louis Missouri. This episode consists of audio from Saturday afternoon and evening, which includes the team competition and award ceremony.

Episode #58
Mar 24, 2007
13.7 MB
This is podcast 2 of 3 from the MOGA 2007 event held at Mark Twain Lake, Missouri, outside of Monroe City and about a 2 1/2 hour drive from St. Louis Missouri. This episode consists of audio and interview from Saturday morning, which includes the individual competition. We talk to geocachers who have traveled a long way for the event, and get audio from cachers in the woods and at the finish table.

Main MOGA web site
US Army Corps of Engineers - Mark Twain Lake

Episode #57
Mar 23, 2007
10.6 MB
Audio from MOGA 2007 - Mark Twain Lake - Indian Creek Recreation Area - Day #1

The next 3 podcast episodes will consist of audio and interviews with MOGA 2007 participants and staff. MOGA was held at Mark Twain Lake, Missouri, outside of Monroe City and about a 2 1/2 hour drive from St. Louis Missouri. Staffed mainly by members of the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association, this was the 4th year in a row the event has been held in Missouri.

Event coordinator this year was Mike Griffin who obtained sponsorship of the event through the Army Corps of engineers. Key to selecting the area for the cache was Alan Mehrer, aka Forester Al, member of the ACOE. This episode focuses on Friday, the day before the competition. We cover final event preparation, campers setting up their sites and a pre-MOGA get-together.

Main MOGA web site
US Army Corps of Engineers - Mark Twain Lake

Episode #56
Feb 25, 2007
13.7 MB
Face-to-face conversation with Michael and Melissa, also known in the geocaching world as Arthur and Trillian. They live in Fulton, Missouri. Elaine and I drove 100 miles one-way to their house on a cold Sunday, geocaching along the way. We talk about Fulton history, the Fairy geocoin, MOGA 2007 and debates on the groundspeak forums. After the interview, we all head out to one of Michael's caches that Elaine and I couldn't get to earlier in the day.

Arthur & Trillian Geocaching profile

King's Row
Arthur Dent character
Trillian character
Spider Island and The Geocoin Fairy

Episode #55
Feb 24, 2007
14.6 MB
Face-to-face conversation in my dining room with Thystle and Justified, a geocaching team who recently moved to the St. Louis area. Thystle talks about medieval-reenactment and astronomy; Justified talks about ham radio and the telecommunication industry.

Thystle Geocaching profile
Justified Geocaching profile
kb8pxv on

Episode #54
Feb 7, 2007
15 MB
Face-to-face conversation in my dining room with Bob Pratt, aka BBD1. It hasn't been a year since he started caching and he recently passed his 400th find milestone. We talk about bass fishing, competative shooting, motorcycling riding and his kid-friendly cache placements.

Geocaching profile

Episode #53
Jan 20, 2007
15.0 MB
Face-to-face conversation in my dining room with Mike Bollinger, aka lazylighting, who works with the Jefferson City Parks and Recreation dept. Mike was in town for a SLAGA geocaching event (yes, it involved eating), so I was able to convince him to take a short detour to my house. We talk about his love for the outdoors, his certification as a 'Leasure Professional' and his initial thought that putting geocaches in Jefferson City parks would be a bad idea.

Geocaching profile

Episode #52
Jan 7, 2007
13.1 MB
I travel to Warrensburg, Missouri (outside of Kansas City) to get video and audio of this geocache race, conceived and implemented by Stephen Martin, aka faery_g. I lost some audio from the planning stages of the event due to a technical error on my part, but there is enough audio to fill a regular podcast. Listen as 10 teams of geocachers race to solve puzzles and determine waypoints to be first-to-find.

Shutterfly (23 images)
Flash Video (5:12 minutes)
Web Video (17 MB) (5:12 minutes)

Episode #51
Dec 29, 2006
14.2 MB
Conversation with Mark Feldmeier, aka Sniper1. Mark is a 'special unit' police officer for the city of St. Louis, Missouri. We talk about his work, his hobbies, his night cache, competing in MOGA, and the controversial 'Blue Monkey' cache placement.

Geocaching profile

Episode File Info Show Notes

Episode #50
Dec 29, 2006
16 MB
Interview with Drei Michels, aka Dreicat. Drei went directly from computer support to working on natural gas rigs. That is a big career change! We talk about his love of mountaineering and dream some day to climb Mt. McKinley.

Geocaching profile

Episode #49
Dec 14, 2006
17.1 MB
Interview with Missouri Army Corps of Engineers forester, Allen Mehrer (aka Forester Al). Allen's enthusiasm for geocaching and the prospect of bringing people in from all over the country to participate in MOGA 2007 has enabled us to move forward with planning for the event to take place at Mark Twain Lake in the Indian Creek Recreation Area. I was in the area to scout out some locations to set up video cameras, do some geocaching and have a conversation with Allen.

Geocaching profile

MOGA 2007 web site
Cache Event page
US Army Corps of Engineers - Mark Twain Lake

Episode #48
Dec 9, 2006
13.2 MB
Interview with Laura Million, aka 2_cats. Laura works with media production at Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville (Illinois). Her daughter caches with her and they have two cats; thus the geocaching name.

Elaine and I drove an hour to meet Laura to see some of the equipment she uses, to talk about the logistics of setting of video cameras at MOGA 2007, and to get her geocaching story. The audio starts out with us meeting in the parking lot of a restaurant in Edwardsville, we drive to campus to the library where Laura works. After some chitchat, I officially start the interview. We discuss the work she does on campus and how she got started in geocaching.

Geocaching profile

Episode #47
Dec 2, 2006
17.6 MB
Audio from the 2006 SLAGA holiday meet and greet. I took the iRiver and Griffin lapel microphone to the party in the restaurant and along during the night cache hunt.

Episode #46
Nov 26, 2006
13.9 MB
'Skype Out' call. I had been pestering Robert Lipe, creator of GPSBabel, for an interview for months. Suddenly, he's on-line and says 'Lets Do It Now!' So I scramble to get my cables connected and 'Bang - Zoom!', another interview in the can.

Geocaching profile
Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club
Geocaching Swiss Army Knife

Episode #45
Nov 15, 2006
13.8 MB
'Skype Out' call. Interview with Jim Rodell, aka ozarksjim. Jim talks about teaching, caching in the Springfield, Missouri area and how he met his wife in a chatroom!

Geocaching profile

Episode #44
Nov 12, 2006
14.6 MB
Face-to-face interview at my house with newly-elected SLAGA president, Steve Bromley, aka javapgmr. Find out what he has in store for SLAGA in the coming year.

Geocaching profile

Episode #43
Sep 30, 2006
20.1 MB
Part 2 of 2.
This is audio from our Fisher Cave tour that we took during the afternoon of the SLAGA 2006 Fall picnic, held at Meramec State Park, near Sullivan, Missouri. Since I was using a stereo lapel microphone during the tour, this podcast is saved in stereo format.

Meramec State Park Cave Tour
Meramec State Park

Episode #42
Sep 30, 2006
18.4 MB
Part 1 of 2.
Sound-seeing tour of the SLAGA 2006 Fall picnic, held at Meramec State Park, near Sullivan, Missouri. I banter with participants, talk to TheMadChef, who volunteered to cook, record the official transfer of power to the newly elected officers and tag along during a video shoot by technicians from the Charter cable show, 'Get Hooked on Health'. Part 2 of the picnic will be audio from the Fisher Cave tour.

Charter - Get Hooked on Health

Episode #41
Sep 22, 2006
14.6 MB
Face-to-face interview with Bob and Linda Shaffer, AKA cachecrazies, of Mountain Home, Arkansas. I meet them in a town park in Mountain Home, where they watch me struggle to find a micro that they placed there. Then we try to find a place away from the wind. Finally, we take the conversation into a diner where I get to eat some catfish!

Geocaching profile
US Army Corp of Engineers
Mark Rocks in Mountain Home Cache

Episode #40
Sep 21, 2006
11.9 MB
Interview with Wayne Lunsford, AKA gaddiel, of Conway, AR.
During my week-long caching trip in Arkansas I stopped through Conway to meet up with Wayne Lunsford, aka gaddiel. He is a network administration manager at a college campus. I met him in his office on Thursday morning. After getting us both set up with the wireless microphones, we talk some about his work, the Arkansas geocachers Association,and the meaning of Toad Suck. Dwayne takes me on a tour of the server room, which was a thrill for a geek like me!

Gaddiel profile
Conway, Arkansas

Episode #39
Sep 19, 2006
6 MB
Dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Clarksville, AR, with nonnipoppy, golfnutz and rklmbl.

Episode #38
Sep 19, 2006
8.8 MB
Interview with Mike and Lisa Johnson, AKA golfnutz, of Clarksville, AR. Audio is from our first meeting in the Best Western motel lobby and from the trip to and from our dinner reservations.

golfnutz profile

Episode #37
Sep 19, 2006
12.6 MB
After spending my first night in Clarksville, Arkansas, I meet up with Max Slaughter, the 'poppy' part of 'nonnipoppy', at the local Chevy dealership. We talk about the volume of local caches and the Arkansas geocaching organization.

nonnipoppy profile

Episode #36
9/14/06 - 9/22/06










  Day by day audio from my Arkansas geocaching adventure. This was a last-minute decision to change the format a bit. Rather than gather up a week's worth of audio for future podcasts, I decided to try to do daily podcast updates of my caching trip, as they occur.

Arkansas Geocachers Association

GolfNutz Travel Bug Motel

Glory Hole

B25 Crash Site

Episode #35
Sep 10, 2006
14.2 MB
Skype interview with Dwayne Collett (corncat), geocacher and fellow podcaster. Dwayne has been involved with highway maintenance for much of his life. Without his assistance, I still wouldn't be able to figure out how to record a Skype call! We talk about snow removal and how he found out about geocaching. I end with a short field-recording of a recent SLAGA geocaching outdoors luncheon. (You try getting good audio with trains passing by only 100 yards away!)
Colledun Enterprises, LLC
Introduction to Winter Maintenance Podcast (3.8 MB)
Geocaching Profile

Episode #34
Aug 16, 2006
16.5 MB
Interview with Amber James, a St. Louis County Park dispatcher. She monitors phone calls and sends rangers out to deal with 'situations'. Hopefully, not because of a report of a suspicious characters hovering over a tupperware container. The big event for the day - a stray mother cat!

St. Louis County Parks Web Site
Tilles Park
Trail Watch
Jul 19, 2006 Storm video (14 MB)

Episode #33
Jul 31, 2006
12.7 MB
Part 2 of 2.
Interview with the infamous BruceS. We mainly discuss his waymarking creations and the waymarking groups he manages for groundspeak.
Waymarked Historic Places around St. Louis

Episode #32
Jul 31, 2006
16.4 MB
Part 1 of 2.
Interview with the infamous BruceS. We talk about his experiences from cache find #1 through cache find #5000.

BruceS Profile
Red Bluff Cache (archived)
Tankyou Very Much (archived)
Red Bluff Cache (archived)
40 Fox and Owl Overlook
Images from Find #300
Images from Find #1000
Web video of Find #5000 (12.7 MB)

Episode #31
Jul 15, 2006
21.0 MB
Interview with SLAGA member Dan Henke - aka ThunderMonk. We talk about Rolla, Missouri, his friend Jesse, the USGS employment situation and Maring bands in Hawaii.

USGS Google search
'Senators give mapping center a chance for survival' (story)
A View for Jess

Episode #30
Jul 15, 2006
16.2 MB
Part 2 of 2.
Interview with Cheerful78. Various conversations from the picnic shelter.

Event Web Page
Cheerful78 Profile

NOTE: Jul 30, 2006 is the 1st anniversary of my 1st podcast!

Episode #29
Jul 15, 2006
17.8 MB
Part 1 of 2.
Interviews with RGS and RockSusan. Various conversations from the picnic shelter. Man, it was a hot day today!

Event Web Page
Whitecliff Cache Course

Episode #28
Jun 23, 2006
15.9 MB
I do my first phone interview, ever. I talk to Eric Colley - writer, director and producer of 'GPS, The Movie'.

Eric Colley Film Credits
'Going on a GPS Hunt' (mp3)

Episode #27
Jun 3, 2006
24.7 MB
Sound-seeing tour of Tiger Days, an annual outdoor event held at Beaumont Scout Reservation. This was the 4th year that SLAGA has provided volunteers to show the scouts how to use a GPS receiver to find caches. event web page
BSA - Greater St. Louis Area Council

Episode #26
May 12, 2006
21.8 MB
Ride-along with Ranger Shaun from the St. Louis County Parks Dept. Discuss the job, geocaching and hang out while he does a scout presentation at the Al Foster trail, about geology. (And remember the OzGuff encounter at Queeny park?)

Episode #25
Apr 29, 2006
13.5 MB
SLAGA spring picnic. So many geocaches and not a GPS receiver in sight. Hosted by Tim and Pam Ueltzen in Washington, Missouri.

Episode #24
Apr 9, 2006
21.0 MB
Chat with Sir_ZMan, caching in the Twin Cities.

Episode #23
Apr 8, 2006
16.6 MB
Interview with Boasark and family, near Osceola, Iowa.

Episode #22
Mar 25, 2006 - Afternoon/Evening
26.5 MB

MOGA 2006 - Part 3 of 3.
Coverage of the team event, interviews and the award ceremony.

Episode #21
Mar 25, 2006 - Morning
21.8 MB

MOGA 2006 - Part 2 of 3.
Coverage of the individual event and interviews at the pavilion.

Episode #20
Mar 24, 2006
16.2 MB

MOGA 2006 - Part 1 of 3.
I head to Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois and talk to MOGA staff and participants. I get a few short interviews and record some of the crackerbarrel.

Episode #19
Mar 18, 2006
12.1 MB
Interview with Susan and Steve Makkey. Susan talks about her progress in working with the Wentzville City Park Dept. to co-sponsor caches in their parks.

Episode #18
Mar 17, 2006
18.9 MB
Interview with Roger Barnes (RogBarn). He never met a benchmark he didn't like. Geneology, geodashing and geocoins are discussed.

Episode #17
Mar 3, 2006
13.8 MB
Interview with Jack Anderson (PandyAndy). Ever have a candy bar get stuck inside a vending machine?

Episode #16
Feb 22, 2006
15.3 MB
Interview with Mike Durbin (Maddog20_20), who discovered geocaching only 2 weeks ago! Also, a sound-seeing tour with Mike, his friend John and myself, a few days before the interview. Lots of talk about RC airplanes.

Episode #15
Feb 16, 2006
16.1 MB
Interview with Jeff Stephenson (BlueBeadMan), teacher / geocaching whirlwind. Got a minute (or two or three?) He has a story to tell you about 'one blue bead' ...

Episode #14
Feb 4, 2006
15.5 MB
Interview with Dana Cook and Barry Bryant (TumbleOak). Maybe we'll finally find out what that geocaching name means.

Episode #13
Feb 1, 2006
16.4 MB
Interview with Mariel and Dave Leggett (Pika Wants Cake and FlatKatz). I try out my new 'translation' gizmo.

Episode #12
Jan 29, 2006
16.6 MB
Interview with Bernie Ver Hey (HappyKraut). Find out about his frying pan collection ... I mean his 'cast-iron cookware' collection. Besides Griswold, we do finally get to some geocaching talk.

Episode #11
Jan 14, 2006
11.8 MB
Interview with Bob Shirley (Maylith). We discuss disk golf, acting, writing and what it's like to be relatively new to geocaching.

Episode #10
Jan 12, 2006
15.2 MB
Interview with LuAnn Patterson (mamalu). We talk about her two favorite passions in life. (Bonus audio from before and after the interview, including comments from Goshhawk, whom I also interviewed today.)

Episode #9
Jan 12, 2006
18.7 MB
Interview with John Roberts (goshhawk). Find out about the 'zapper' he has implanted in his chest.

Episode #8
Dec 31, 2005
13.7 MB
Sound-seeing tour of B5K - BruceS 5,000th find celebration. This event took place in West Tyson County Park, near Eureka, Missouri. Bruce chose a very difficult cache called Daryl & Daryl, placed by RGS. Bruce's goal was to reach his 5,000th find milestone before the end of 2005.

Episode #7
Dec 20, 2005
16.3 MB
Glenn Nash (*gln) and I sit down for some pizza and talk about the good old days, how the SLAGA webiste came about and the challenges of being a cache approver.

Episode #6
Dec 12, 2005
20.6 MB
After a quick, easy cache hunt near the Meramec River, Le-Roy, RGS, and NormV retire to a local fast-food restaurant to talk about geocaching.

Episode #5
Nov 18, 2005
15.8 MB
Interview with Mike Griffin (The Brawny Bear), previous SLAGA president, MOGA 2006 coordinator and scout leader. Mike talks about his life, how geocaching has changed over the years and the trials and tribulations of being SLAGA president.

Episode #4
October 29, 2005
9.4 MB
Quick interview with Richard Sheffold (RGS) while driving to the geocaching lunch held in Sullivan, Missouri. Also, sounds from the lunch and during a few cache hunts afterwards.

Episode #3
October 15, 2005
12 MB
Recording of the geocaching 101 class held at Greensfelder County Park, near Six Flags - St. Louis, in Eureka, Missouri. Because of very poor acoustics inside the learning center, most of the podcast is of the students hunting the temporary training caches outside, in the woods.

Episode #2
Aug 21, 2005
13.3 MB
Interview with Jim Williams (Dorkus & Co.) - First-to-find of one of the caches in the 2005 Magellan 'Be There' Geocaching Game. Jim talks about how he was FTF the year before and how he prepared for the game this year.

Episode #1
Jul 30, 2005
11.9 MB
My first podcast. Using just an ifp-799 iRiver recorder, I get audio from the event. You will hear talk during setup and operation. There was no getting away from the sound of shotgun blasts from the shooting area that we were placed right next to.