In October, 2014, while I was living in California, I went to Chloride, Arizona to visit family.   Traveling back home, I drove through Laughlin, Nevada on Interstate 40. When I got home, I was on Facebook checking the Geocaching Singles page when I saw a lady had posted that she was in Laughlin, Nevada and was looking for a geocaching buddy. I commented that I had just been in Laughlin, Nevada the other day and that I had family in Arizona.

            And that is when Cyndee B and I started talking and forming a friendship. We friended each other and would chat here and there as time went by. In The beginning of July 2015, I told her that I was moving to Missouri and would be stopping in Laughlin on our way East at the end of the month.

            We had planned to finally meet up, but as time was getting closer to the move East plans changed for her; she was helping a friend move around the time we would be passing through. But we promised each other we would try and meet up again another time. Over time we continued our friendship. I loved hearing about her geocaching adventures and in February, 2016, she and her geocaching friends drove to Yuma, Arizona for the MEGA Yuma S.W.A.G. Event. When she got home, she sent us some Extagz and Pathtags she had gotten while she was at that event. That was the start of our Extagz/Pathtags trades. If we had extras of tags we would send her and same with her. She would send us extras she would get for us.Narwhal Coin 111518

            And that is what leads me here to this story. Christmas, 2016, we decided to get her the first ever Geocaching coin she owned. It is a beautiful Narwhal coin. Rainbow, it glows in the dark. I picked it out for her because it just reminded me of Cyndee B, a beautiful, whimsical soul. She loved it! She said she was afraid of collecting geocoins because she had an addicting personality and that was one more thing to be addicted to. I told her she could blame me for it. hahaha...

            The next spring, she had found out she had breast cancer. I was heartbroken to find out my friend was sick. I started a YOUCARING Fundraiser account for Cyndee to help raise money for her bills and such. What was raised helped her.

            Christmas, 2017, we sent her a SLAGA Christmas geocoin along with some Extagz/Pathtags. At the beginning of 2018, she was cleared of the breast cancer but then they found that she had brain cancer. She surprised me by telling me she was going to come out to Missouri to visit but after finding the brain cancer, she had to cancel.

            She kept going for treatments with hope of getting better. About a month ago, she sent us a package with some travel bugs to send out into the world for her along with her Narwhal coin we had given her for Christmas two years ago. We decided that we would keep the coin and take it on our geocaching adventures – like it would be her with us, still going on that geocaching adventure.

            Most unfortunately, she passed away on November 15, 2018. She was unable to change ownership of the coin but we want it to still be under her geocaching account, as a tribute to her memory. I share this story because she is my friend. We never got to meet face to face but it feels like I have known her for so long. You meet some incredible people on this geocaching adventure and Cyndee B is one of those people.

            We wanted to share this trackable and its story with all of you. Please feel free to discover this Narwhal coin (NWR8RE). And be sure to say Hi to CYNDEE B, in your log.

Thank you. ~WyckedAnn, Cyndee B and ResurrectionJ