Pictured: L Frank, Denmother, Mikeinmo, Crowesfeat30, Repmul, Strider, Quailman2 (both of them), twolpert, javapgmr

On Saturday, November 19, ten SLAGA members went on a group hunt. A power trail? Reliving the glory of MOGAs past? Not so much.  Most of us drove 190 miles each way - and one of us came from Iowa - to find a single cache.  And it was worth it!

The cache?  GC484C The Journal. This is a somewhat famous 5/5 puzzle cache placed on April Fool's Day, 2002. 

Some of us drove up and stayed the night Saturday.  Others of us (the crazier ones) car pooled up at oh-dark-thirty Saturday morning. We met for breakfast at 6:00 am at the Cracker Barrel in Morton, IL. After all, L Frank was along ;)  By 7:30, we were on the trail at the Farmdale Recreation Area, a small Army Corps of Engineers facility near Morton. 

We're not giving anything away - no PAF on this one - but it was a challenge. It was a good thing that all ten of us were along. We used everybody's skill sets to attack this one. We were on the trail for about six and half hours car to car. We visited a lot of locations, hunted and found a lot of well-hidden objects, solved a lot of puzzles, climbed and slid down a lot of hills, and mostly enjoyed one another's company.  And yes, we did log the smiley.

We celebrated with pizza at the local Pizza Ranch.  Notice the food theme, here.  After all, it's a SLAGA outing.  And, of course, we couldn't resist doing a few park and grabs around town, even though it involved extending a really long day. Somehow, none of them quite measured up!

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