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 Geocaching 101 class at Queeny Park

2020 Leap Day Flash Mob

SLAGA at Ted Drewes - 2021

2022 New Years Day Hike

Summer Pinic 2022

Rich & Charlotte - a couple of the founding members

Grilling Meat for the 2022 Fall Picnic

2022 Fall Picnic

Checking for new cache notifications

Bellefontaine CITO November 2022

2022 SLAGA Christmas Party

Cachemas 2022 Bonus Day

SLAGA Potluck 2023 group

Our SLAGA Winter Potluck, held at the Pavilion at Lemay in the unique and historic Jefferson Barracks Park, is the perfect cabin fever escape to enjoy good food, hear latest SLAGA news, win prizes, find caches, and meet up with friends.

SLAGA Potluck Jan 2023 T pic 3SLAGA Potluck 23 Tic ladiesSLAGA Potluck Jan 2023 T pic 2

This winter's event encompassed all of the above to the fullest. Our food buffet was a sight to see and a tasty delight, with food shared by all in attendance. The event had the usual fun geo-Bingo game, raffle items, and 50/50 tickets, as well as the relatively new Cabin Fever gift exchange. In addition, various SLAGA apparel was displayed and orders taken. (You can place an order through the end of February on this website, as well.) After our President's talk, geocaching milestones were awarded, including:

10,000 Finds: utapao72 (Mark Coppersmith) 

SLAGA Potluck Jan 2023 Utapao72 10000

5000 Finds: 6dancer (Denise Muskopf),  resurrection (Jason Jaycox),                                                vorlon40 (John Layman)

1000 Finds: ILIKEDOGS11 (Zachary Zambrano),  The_Dogs_Mom (Amy Zambrano),                      turtleladi1020nhubbs (Lynette and Mark Redenbeaux)

100 Finds:   Maryjkoester (Mary Koester),  Beth60497 (Beth Campbell),                                            bobclassic (Jerald Schweig)

A surprise this year was the attendance of two SLAGA founding members RGS and MrsRGS! These two are dear old friends to so many St. Louis area geocachers and haven't geocached nor attended an event for a few years, so the joy on their faces, and those reuniting with Rich and Charlotte, was truly unforgettable. Rich commented that they both "really enjoyed being there, and Peggy [their daughter] was really surprised with the setup and the number of people that attended, as she never really knew about the hobby and companionship."  SLAGA events are more than geocaching and organizational business, they are wonderful opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  So come out to our next SLAGA event and join in the fun!

 SLAGA POTLUCK RGS MRSRGS circa 2015  SLAGA Potluck 23 RGS founders grp  SLAGA Potluck RGS MRS gal group