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SLAGA Winter Potluck & Cabin Fever – 2019

How many GPRs are enough?

SLAGA group at GeoWoodstock 2018

Putting the Geocaching 101 class to practical use.

 Geocaching 101 class at Queeny park.

Robert Winter Park CITO (Cache In Trash Out) - March 2018

SLAGA MoDot CITO (Cache In Trash Out) July 2019

SLAGA fun at Ted Drews

New Year Day Hike 2020

Rich & Charlotte - a couple of the founding members

091817 Troop 1146 2

Troop 1146 - a group of enthusiastic Girl Scouts - along with some members of their families arrived at Mastodon State Park, ready and eager to learn about Geocaching.  Their attention was immediately focused on the two boxes of materials sitting on the picnic table, and they were already asking questions as they took their seats on the benches.

Fourteen kids and eight adults listened with interest as How-D explained about GPS units, satellites and how the technologies work to make geocaching possible.  When the various cache containers were introduced, the students were amazed at the possibilities.  They were most impressed with the natural wooden containers, split logs with a small plastic insert for the log sheet.

After the presentation, Breezy406 assisted How-D in passing out the GPS units to the Girl Scouts, then led them in search of the lone physical cache in the park, GC6RCRD Walking With Critters V.2.  The unique container elicited squeals, but one of the girls bravely picked it up and all those who wanted to do so signed the log sheet.  With the cache replaced, the troop returned to the parking lot for a final photo before the rain started.

Breezy406, Spiritwolf922 and How-D with Troop 1146