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Geocachers in the western half of Missouri may have noticed that there was a new Missouri reviewer publishing their caches -- MrHarmonica. After keeping his identity a secret for almost a year, it was time to reveal himself last month. The New MO Reviewer Reveal Event (GC8782Q) was hosted by neighboring reviewers Iowa Landmark (Iowa), Heartland Cacher (Nebraska), Reviewer Smith (Illinois), and Banjo-Boy (6-year retiring reviewer from St. Louis). Geocachers from all over the state gathered at Cosmo Park in Columbia, Missouri, to play a game of Clue to see if they could solve the mystery. Finally, a team arrived at the correct set of clues -- 1) Geoname starts with an L; 2) Lives in St. Louis; 3) Hides birdhouse caches. Who could that be? L Frank? How could L Frank keep a secret for so long?
After the reveal, L Frank changed into his Volunteer Reviewer shirt, and MrHarmonica handed out souvenir harmonicas to everyone who guessed correctly. Then his fellow reviewers joined him for a Q&A session.
The next time you see L Frank/MrHarmonica, you can congratulate him and ask him a question or two about getting your caches published. Tell him that you knew it was him all along.