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Summer Pinic 2022

2022 SLAGA New Years Day Hike

How many GPRs are enough?

Putting the Geocaching 101 class to practical use.

 Geocaching 101 class at Queeny park.

Robert Winter Park CITO (Cache In Trash Out) - March 2018

SLAGA MoDot CITO (Cache In Trash Out) July 2019

Rich & Charlotte - a couple of the founding members

SLAGA at Ted Drewes - 2021

2020 Leap Day Flash Mob


Geocachers in the western half of Missouri may have noticed that there was a new Missouri reviewer publishing their caches -- MrHarmonica. After keeping his identity a secret for almost a year, it was time to reveal himself last month. The New MO Reviewer Reveal Event (GC8782Q) was hosted by neighboring reviewers Iowa Landmark (Iowa), Heartland Cacher (Nebraska), Reviewer Smith (Illinois), and Banjo-Boy (6-year retiring reviewer from St. Louis). Geocachers from all over the state gathered at Cosmo Park in Columbia, Missouri, to play a game of Clue to see if they could solve the mystery. Finally, a team arrived at the correct set of clues -- 1) Geoname starts with an L; 2) Lives in St. Louis; 3) Hides birdhouse caches. Who could that be? L Frank? How could L Frank keep a secret for so long?
After the reveal, L Frank changed into his Volunteer Reviewer shirt, and MrHarmonica handed out souvenir harmonicas to everyone who guessed correctly. Then his fellow reviewers joined him for a Q&A session.
The next time you see L Frank/MrHarmonica, you can congratulate him and ask him a question or two about getting your caches published. Tell him that you knew it was him all along.