Due to increased interest in the "Best of SLAGA," Elonka has put together a list of the most popular caches in SLAGA territory by type of cache, based on Favorite Points. This list includes all active caches, no matter when they were placed. Enjoy!

Best of SLAGA, Virtual Caches

Created On: 12/12/2012 23:31:42

* St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache, bjbest and Big Jimmy, GC7ED
* RT66:IL-MO - Above the Trees & Mississippi Cache, Myotis, GC2258
* Firefighters Memorial, cwa219, GCEBC8
* Rolla Monuments, thunder, GC52E5
* The Oak Ridge Tour, Rod & Shelby, GCE6FF
* Tom 'n' Huck Cache, TomNHuckleberry, GCE32C
* Schnurbusch Karst Window, thehairyhillbilly, GCD672
* The Iron Curtain, BruceS, GCBA2C
* Mark Twain, Believer, GCA8E6
* Lady of the Rivers, Island-Dave, GC356F
* Expensive Real Estate, BruceS, GCA9DE


Best of SLAGA, Puzzle Caches

Created On: 12/12/2012 23:24:35
* Treasure Island, MOGA, GC2PBKB
* Mysterious Treasure, L Frank and Denmother, GC3BQJZ
* Rock 'N' Roll, rixart, GCP21H
* Holy Water Cipher, Supersteen, GC2N3F0
* Bigfoot!, That Old Biddy, GC3GAWK
* Mr. Cotton's Parrot - MOGA Booty, MutherAndSun, GC2HJ08
* This is a SHARPIE CACHE!, CDS231, GC17MRW
* Popeye Returns, L Frank and Denmother, GC33NWW
* Tilting Redux, dougieniles, GC18MGY
* Alphabet Soup Challenge - Missouri Style, Arthur & Trillian, GC2CCVM

Best of SLAGA, Multi-Caches

Created On: 12/12/2012 23:24:05
* Citygarden Tour, Strider, GC2AX7Q
* High Ridge (1st St. Louis cache), Thomas and Monica, GC116
* Moving Cache, Myotis, GC1D0F
* Pirates' Treasure, Mean Gene, GCA2E
* 911 Memorial - Fenton, RGS, GCY8VZ
* Bluebird Triangle, Mean Gene, GC4E60
* Flags Of Our Fathers, Chod, GC1A14J
* Shelter and Cedars Multi-Cache, 57chevy, GC17B3F
* Main Street Nano Tour, vineyard20, GCW6TH
* A Tale of Two Parks, RGS, GCJQQM
* Mail Order Tour of Webster Groves, RGS, GC8230
* Whitecliff Cache COurse, GC30F7, Crestwood Parks & Recreation, GC30F7
* Olde Creve Coeur #1 - The Cabins, walkingstic-stl, GC277T7
* Global Cache, Mean Gene, GC266A
* "The Beverage Garden", CDS231, GC10PNY
* Lustron Home Tour of Webster Groves, RGS, GCR589
* Shaw Nature Reserve History, Candyce54 and Walkingstic-stl, GC29Z3Q
* The name is BOND, Shadrach Bond that is; CDS231; GC11XBF
* Please No Fires, Island-Dave, GC3F0A
* Follow the Yellow Brick Road (QR-Code Multi), SleepingCamels, GC3MQ43

Best of SLAGA, Traditional Caches

Created On: 12/12/2012 23:23:07
Sorted by favorite points, as of 12/12/12:

97, I'm Soooo Confused, L Frank and Denmother, GC15R7J
78, Great Kaskaskia Dragon, Rome263, GCHWFZ
52, A GRANADA BISON, Happykraut, GC16171
41, I Spy Academy, Off Looking and MapRat, GC24TVE
39, Cruisin', RGS, GCCD87
39, I-64 Westbound Travel Bug and GeoCoin Hotel, That Old Biddy, GC3AYHA
38, Animals Always, Strider, GCWDXC
36, Rockin' on Route 66, Rex Havoc, GC1G43E
36, 4 2, Strider, GC2GB77
32, Wehner Hollow, backprop, GC33Z65
32, The Title says it ALL, Thunder_monk, GC1MNGG
31, Treasure on Tate Island, FullQuiver and Ooga Booga, GCGT0N
30, This Cache Has No Title, Taisch & Blue Monkey Crew, GCCD0A
30, Stark View, Strider, GC25RYA
30, Wicked Witch of West County, stewy1966, GC305X9
29, The Pullet Surprise, steve.n.erin, GC3JQPK
28, BYOW, 87preludea20a3, GC2F97K
27, House of Sven Travelbug and Geocoin Hotel, That Old Biddy, GC3CWGV
26, At the Crossing, Samm~, GC1E36T
25, Rainy Day Cache, CDS231, GC11KY4
25, Wheel of Fortune, 87preludea20a3, GC2G5PE
24, Ulysses' Micro, Didg Guy, GCKQD0
24, Rocky Hollow Creek, Didg Guy, GC14N9Y
23, Blue Star Travel Bug Hotel and Cache, cubs, GCKC79
23, Puzzled Bird, L Frank and Denmother, GC3V771
23, RFPD Dog's Delight, TeamCooper/5Foxes/RFPD, GCNT2V