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SLAGA cachers with 10,000 or more finds!

Rainman receiving Milestone award for 25,000 finds.

Oklahoma Land Run Road Trip

CITO crew at Lewis and Clark State Park, Hartford Il

Fall Picnic 2015 Milestone recipients

Summer Picnic 2015

Fall 2016 CITO

Studious Geocachers

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Boone’s Lick Road GeoTrail

The Boone’s Lick Road GeoTrail stretches 150 miles from St. Charles, MO to Franklin, MO. It follows the historic route named after Nathan and Daniel Morgan Boone . Twenty five geocaches have been placed along the original Boone’s Lick Road and the secondary routes highlighting important points along the historic route. When you find one of the geocaches, record the Geocache name, GC number, and the code word on your passport. The code word for the cache can be found taped to the underside of the container lid and also in the logbook. Geocachers who find at least 23 of the 25 geocaches and send in their passport with the correct information will receive a trackable Boone’s Lick Road GeoCoin.
The first geocacher who finds all 25 geocaches and returns the completed passport with all the correct information will receive a Free, trackable Boone’s Lick Road GeoCoin.

Come to the kick off event Oct. 8 2016 9:00am at the St. louis Zoo.

Down load your Boone's Lick Geotrail here.


We will be at GeoCoinfest 2016 at City Museum to accept completed passports.  Look for the GeoCoinfest store and ask for Kathy.


Congratulations to Micheal Rogers (Arthur & Trillian) for "First to Find" in 8 hours and 46minutes. A close second was Mike Fitz and Iamgrateful coming in 3 minutes later.