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SLAGA cachers with 10,000 or more finds!

Rainman receiving Milestone award for 25,000 finds.

Oklahoma Land Run Road Trip

CITO crew at Lewis and Clark State Park, Hartford Il

Fall Picnic 2015 Milestone recipients

Summer Picnic 2015

Fall 2016 CITO

Studious Geocachers

Milestone Award Deadline

Milestone coins

If you plan on reaching a geocaching milestone, 100 finds, 500 finds, 1,000 finds, 5,000 finds, 10,000 finds, or 25,000 finds by May 7th, get your Milestone registered to receive your award at the SLAGA Spring Picnic . Deadline to register is April 7! You must be a SLAGA Premium member at the time you reach your milestone to receive your award at the May 7th SLAGA Spring Picnic.

On the lower right side under “User Menu,” click “Milestones” and complete the form. It’s that easy. Only SLAGA Premium members will see the "Milestones" link. Basic members will not.