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Rainman receiving Milestone award for 25,000 finds.

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Studious Geocachers

          The calm brush of the autumn breeze, with the scent of a bonfire burning and the glow of the embers rising, invited the smiles and laughter of geocachers gathered 'round the fire ring at the Halloween Bash on October 21st.

          Hosted by TerriBikes+ and StaceyBassoon, the Bash, with over 40 attendees, was filled with shared caching memories, friendships old and new, and tasty food and snacks.  Some new 'scary' caches in the park, a few decorations, some creative costumes, a few lit jack-o-lanterns, and anticipation of event and Grave Hop awards, added to the fun and spirit of this Halloween event!  Hot chocolate and s'mores didn't hurt either.

Costume winners of the night:

*1st -  Curious GEOrge 3, "Doc Brown" (Back to the Future), in his white lab coat and wild hair, with radioactive gloves and a geobox of glowing 'plutonium pops.'

*2nd - Korriaan adorned head to toe in her perfect buccaneer attire, which included a vulture, because "good pirates have vultures and only bad pirates have parrots."

*3rd - JamrokShake in a terrific throw-back waitress costume from "Happy Days Arnold's Drive-In."

*Special Kid/Parent Team Costume Award was presented early to Chezna and son for their awesome James Bond "Octopussy" portrayal. 

Jack-O-Lantern winners of the night:

*Grand Prize Geocaching-Themed went to The Mad Chef, with his strobe-lighted "AMERICAN MoGA SToRY" carving.

*1st Traditional Halloween - Curious GEOrge 3 for his haggard old woman holding a crystal ball jack-o-lantern.

*2nd Traditional Halloween - paulgracie with his blood drooling 'jack.'

          Event prize winners and all who dressed in costume, were rewarded with their choice of geocaching or Halloween-type gifts and items from the prize table.  After the Halloween Bash awards were distributed, the Grave Hop hosts, L Frank and Denmother, arrived with results of the earlier competition and thrilled teams with their scores and awards, as well. 

          As the night air cooled and the fire died down, content geocachers began to depart, leaving behind just the glow of embers and the memory of a happy time.  With thanksgiving for all who attended and especially for the kindness and assistance provided by StaceyBassoon, How-D, spiritwolf922, and The Mad Chef, this author ended the day with a smile and warm heart.


Curious GEOrge

Curious GEORGE


Jamrock Shake

The Mad Chef, PaulGracie and Curious GEOrge

Tick Magnet TerriBikes+ and StaceyBassoon