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Walking Stic with her group

Walkingstic-Stl with her group.

                The forecast of a rainy day didn’t keep a dozen SLAGA members from volunteering their time to go to Dardenne Prairie to teach American Heritage Girls (AHG) Troop MO3130 about geocaching.  March 25, 2017 was expected to be soggy at best and stormy at worst, with the heaviest rain supposed to hit between one and three p.m. – at the exact time of the AHG Father/Daughter event.

                Sharon Samson of the AHG contacted SLAGA in January to request assistance in teaching geocaching to their troop so they could earn their badges.  Several SLAGA members had previous experience in doing this with other organizations, but this one would be the largest class size our group has taken on for a single session, with the event being open to about 80 girls and their dads.

                After extensive communication between SLAGA and AHG, How-D reached out to several seasoned geocaching trainers to request help.  In all, a dozen SLAGA members volunteered their time and efforts, contributing to a successful event.

                While the main focus was centered on geocaching in the field, there were also two lectures for those who needed to fulfill additional requirements for their badges.  Eravau spoke about geocache publication, while Jamrok Shake answered questions about her job with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

                Most of the caches were typical traditionals, with the students simply able to follow their GPS units to the coordinates and hunt for the container, but there were also a multi and a puzzle cache, both of which proved popular.  TerriBikes+ created a Bible-based puzzle that led those who solved it to a micro on a fence.  Two of the cache containers were large ones with SWAG, some provided by AHG and some donated by TerriBikes+.  To expedite matters, instead of having the finders sign logsheets, each cache contained a three-letter code which the girls recorded on a sheet of paper, then turned in for SWAG at the end of the event.

                Several of the dads brought along their own GPSes, which allowed the students to see the variety of types available, but each got to handle and use the SLAGA-provided units.  Many of the girls picked up on how to use them quickly.  In the case of Spiritwolf922’s group of five students, each was able to be the GPS handler three times.  By the second round, they were already confident enough to go through the steps of searching for the next cache and setting up the compass to lead them to it.  During the session outside, the instructors were able to give more information than was covered in the lecture portion, including CITO demonstration and answering all manner of pop-up questions.

                The rains had held off until about three o’clock, at which time it poured for about ten minutes, causing groups that were still in the field to flee back indoors.  By then, the event was winding down and the girls and their dads were packing up their things, visiting with the troop leaders or asking more questions of the SLAGA members.  Both groups agreed that the event was a success.

                Thanks to the following SLAGA members who took on this challenge:  How-D, eravau, JamrokShake, walkingstic-stl, nan-d1955, GeoConformity, buffettmo, 2_cats, Mixed Breed, Aunt Dot, TerriBikes+ and Spiritwolf922.


Where can it be 1 

Where can it be?


TerriBikes with her group

TerriBikes+ observing her group making the find.


Whats the code  

What's the code?


Lamp Post Cache  

Their first LPC!


Its getting cloudy

It's starting to get cloudy again.