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SLAGA cachers with 10,000 or more finds!

Rainman receiving Milestone award for 25,000 finds.

Oklahoma Land Run Road Trip

CITO crew at Lewis and Clark State Park, Hartford Il

Fall Picnic 2015 Milestone recipients

Summer Picnic 2015

Fall 2016 CITO

Studious Geocachers

TREEmendousThe Missouri Botanical Garden invites the St. Louis community to join its celebration of trees by exploring the great outdoors! Join the Great St. Louis Tree Hunt to find at least 15 of 30 marked TREEmendous Trees throughout the metro region (including Missouri and Illinois).

At each tree location, you’ll find a TREEmendous sign that identifies the tree. A select number of the trees highlighted are also part of the TREEmendous Geocaching Series, coordinated by the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association. Whether you’re an experienced geocacher or a first-time novice, this is a great way to explore your world. Look for the “GC” symbol in the list of trees in the Tree Hunt Guide.