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SLAGA cachers with 10,000 or more finds!

Rainman receiving Milestone award for 25,000 finds.

Oklahoma Land Run Road Trip

CITO crew at Lewis and Clark State Park, Hartford Il

Fall Picnic 2015 Milestone recipients

Summer Picnic 2015

Fall 2016 CITO

Studious Geocachers

As of December 6th, these are the standings in 2017's Travel Bug Race!

Cacher NameTB NameRace Mileage
bluedaisy Super Skate Racer 32,657
bluedaisy Super Racer 20,259
Don't Call Me Sir Don't Call Me Sir's SLAGA Racer 8,711
CribbageWitch Key to Mega Events 7,647
nan-d1955 St. Louis Firefly 6,580
bluedaisy SLAGA Swimmer 6,193
L Frank Racing Mule Team Five 3,420
OohLookItsARabbit Corian White Rabbit 3,378
paulgracie Ponce bear 2,866
langcrick Mouse On A Roadtrip 1,844
Jamrock Shake The Heart of Rock N' Roll 1,370
Crowesfeat30 CF30's Racing Bulbasaur 597
TheGeocachingFairy TGF's Racing Flamingo 341
spiritwolf922 Warick the Wolf 2017 Racing Trackable Tag 304
Hobbit Taz Teddy from Kansas 265
bluedaisy The Key to Happiness
Breezy406 Moga 2015 Geocoin
Curious GEOrge 3 BATMAN
nklstl Geocaching Logo Travel Tag